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A smoothie made from sweaty T. rex jizz, that instantly cools when it hits the back side of your ass after a woolly mammoth rides you to your Eskimo cousins house ;)
*Sid the sloth* “where’d manny go” ?
*Manny the mammoth* “hey Sid wanna smoothie.”
*sid* “yes daddyyyyyy!”
*Manny* “thicc or smooth?
Sid neither, I want dat gooch snooch!
Manny heeeeeeel yes
by Thehackiasack69690 April 19, 2019
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A man ( or women with a cock) with a tiny little penis, but say they have a big one, and is a super annoying piece of shit when they do.
TCPOS: will you sleep with me, I have a super big cock , you wanna see?
Women: hell no! I just don’t run into relationships right away! Dick face.
TCPOS: but , it’s big!

Women: no it’s not you tiny cocked piece of shit!

TCPOS: Sleeeeeeeep wwwiiiiiittthhh meeeeeeeeeee, myyy cock biiiiig
Women: ( punches TCPOS in face)
TCPOS : ( knock out cold)
by Thehackiasack69690 April 18, 2019
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