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When a girl is so bitchy it's ridiculous! The type of girl that thinks the world owes her something just for her being in it. You can find her blowing up social media with selfies telling everyone how hot she is, because she thrives on the attention! But if you talk to her in person she's awkward cause she thinks she's all that!
Hey are you bringing Sarah to the party?
No way man, that girl is rebitchulous!
by Theert12 December 24, 2016

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People who were handed everything in their lives and don't ever work for anything. They cry and throw fits because Trump is president and they no longer get participation trophies. So they go around making up words and complaining about Trump and everything else in the world when they don't get their way
Y'all stop being cry baby bitches and get on with your pathetic lives!
by Theert12 February 10, 2017

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