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What girls type as their place of employment on Facebook when theyr'e unemployed
Works at Krusty Krab
by Theberryman2020 November 17, 2020

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Spotnickdacat's BMW 32 i;

Also song by Spotnickdacat - Bim Bim
"We saw Spotnickdacat"
"Was he driving really slow in his 32 i?"
"Yeah and he was listening to Bim Bim"

"With his painted on blems"

by Theberryman2020 May 28, 2021

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Anyone who creates or performs artistically superior street poetry, on a professional level
The way that some of these artists "rap" stands out from other's in the way that they artfuly piece together their rhymes to form a picture or convey a message in such a manner that, regardless of the subject matter, is really quite beautiful and very professionally done. Much like there are dentists, and scientists, bassists, guitarists, soloists, there are also rappists.
by Theberryman2020 September 07, 2020

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