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When a girl has to sneeze after you've unloaded in her mouth while holding her hand in front, resulting in the jizz coming out through her nose.

Originated as a variation on snowballing.
Jay: Yo, Frizzle's girl had a nose avalanche yesterday, she was all allergic and had to sneeze.

Lawrence: Rly? Trippin' balls.
by The_Jay March 04, 2010
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Frysian word for fingering
We went to the Weaze the other day but that Ho was charging 50 bucks for some basic Greppeltje Graaien
by The_Jay May 04, 2010
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The current girlfriend of HRJWM Arts, who is coming tomorrow.
HRJWM: My girlfriend is coming tomorrow
Dude1: Does she like Fristi?
Dude2: Dude! She IS Fristi
Dude1: I like...
by The_Jay September 22, 2009
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We went to the Weaze yesterday and had the best time EVARR
by The_Jay May 04, 2010
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Nickname for girls living in Leeuwarden (Frisia, The Netherlands) who stay there sitting in their room talking to guys they've met once or twice IRL.
OMG that girl is such a Geeeartsje, she met Frizzle twice at a party but she won’t come over to visit him. I doubt they will be Greppeltje Graaien any time soon.
by The_Jay May 04, 2010
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