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An unexplainable orgasm when one egg, preferably hen is inserted into the g spot of the female or male and thus stimulated in oval object like fashion.
Joe- "man I gave myself the biggest egggasm ever last night"
Sue- "I used a rooster egg. Then I coughed so it exploded :("?
by The_Def_Master December 4, 2013
Someone who you know personally, and by the power of facebook turns into this magical philosopher, problem solver, visionary speaker and just a general complainer of life who doesn't know shit from clay and you know for a fact they are the stupidest dweeb ever!
Sue- "whteva btchs ihm sooo tuff and imma gt awn wif it . u cnt gt me dwn coz im strng. im nt fazd by u".

Me- "learn to spell you Facebook Shithead"

Jack- "I love life, I love all of you. Thank you world. Etc
Me- " This guys a total Facebook Shithead"
by The_Def_Master December 4, 2013
On the Rat is a more glorified example of On the Rag except in this case the test subject is not wearing a pad, or rag for the case, no, instead a tampon. The Rat comes into it because the string looks like a cute rodent tail hanging out.
Henry- "Man she dropped them jeans and I couldn't believe it. Her tampon fell out too!

Steve- "No way! She was On the Rat"?

Henry- "Yeah. Still did her though"
by The_Def_Master December 4, 2013
A person who finds unusual pleasure shitting on trees
"Man did you see that cunt tree fudge the shit outta that pine tree?"
"Yup, we have those dirty tree fudgers down here Bill"
by The_Def_Master December 4, 2013