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1 definition by TheWickerMan

An IRC network, formerly known as FluxIRC. It wasn't really all that popular until it became the default server for SwiftSwitch, a client used to play the RuneScape game that comes with its own built-in IRC chat. A nice server with plenty of people to chat with. Its only flaws are some of the people who are located there. For example, the people who think IRC was only created for RuneScape players, the people who connect on from another client (usually mIRC) just to brag about how smart they are because they connected to the server using another client, and finally, the people who are just idiots. (lol wots evry1 age up in dis chat yo yo yo yea!!!!) Playing RuneScape isn't compulsory to be able to talk to people on the SwiftIRC network, so drop by when you have the time. There's around 6000+ users and it's still growing slightly.
Yesterday, I connected to the SwiftIRC network. It was nice, except for the guy who kept on bragging about how he connected from mIRC, the guy who kept on referring to the chat as "runescape chat", and that person who kept on asking me for "buttsecks...."
by TheWickerMan November 19, 2006
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