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Someone who has figured out how to make a living by appealing to teenage bros who couldn't tell what a sound argument looked like if it hit them flat in the face, as exemplified by the most popular entry on this page. Such youth believe that the more insults and taunts are crammed into a sentence, the more effective a refutation, especially when paired with WWE heel style self-praise and a loud, masculine voice. The movie Idiocracy inevitably comes to mind.
Debate bro fan - Brah, did you watch ToughCommieHooligan last night? He DESTROYED that liberal professor!
Educated youth - No. How did the professor lose?
- Well you know, TCH said he had a mosquito level I.Q. He also laughed very loudly every time the professor tried to respond. It was carnage!!
- Okay...
by TheUncleGrandpa November 1, 2021