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A huge priapic lubricious creature from England, (probably belongs to the Trollea genus with a side order from the Priapulida phylum), likes to watch all kinds of extremely educational biology movies, and preys on harmless little things like hamsters, priests, human offsprings, a fearful Heretic. For the Pocktio, molestation has developed from hobby to trade.
Has a great reputation as a cheerful-taunting-sneaky-back-knifing bastard. Probably earned him his current throne of Knife King of Doltland after having planted a hand-long blade between the ribs of the previous incumbent and doing who knows what to the exsanguinated carcass.
Little things all fear Pocktio, he of the molestation love!
by TheTruthShallMakeYeFret October 31, 2011
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