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The substance flowing through the veins of Charlie Sheen & other bad ass rock stars that allows them to survive epic partying (copious amounts of alcohol and illicit controlled substances like cocaine, etc) that would kill normal people.
Charlie Sheen-"The last time I took drugs I probably took more than anybody could survive, I was banging 7 gram rocks and and finishing them because that's how I roll!"

Interviewer-"How do you survive that??"

CS-"'Cause I'm me... I have a different brain, a different heart, ya' know, I got tiger blood man"
by TheTLShow March 03, 2011

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Winning in various parts of your life. In response to the question of whether or not he was bi-polar, Charlie Sheen spontaneously concocted the phrase in reference to his lifestyle that includes an extremely high income, a lot of attractive women (many porn stars and hookers) that will have sex with him and partying with lots of illicit drugs (cocaine, etc) and alcohol and surviving it. In addition he has beautiful children that he loves, so he believes he is winning at both ends of the spectrum in reference to his life.
Interviewer- "Some are saying that you're Bi-Polar?"

Charlie Sheen- "I'm Bi-Winning, I win here & I win there, now what?!"
by TheTLShow March 03, 2011

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