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The Discord server created by Mike Hawk after his rejection from Order 332. Since its creation, Misaland has been acquired by Order 332 and now acts as a gateway server for new members of the Order 332 server. Since Dizz has become owner of Misaland, its reputation has become far better than it was when run by Mike Hawk
Person 1:Woah, you're a part of Misaland? Isn't that server really bad?
Person 2: Yeah, it used to be when Mike Hawk ran it, but now Dizz runs it so it's good again!
by TheRealMisaland March 12, 2022
Order 332, the glorious centre piece to The Order and all her chapters. Comprising of the most elite individuals, devoted entirely to the cause of eliminating skids from the Discord platform, and creating a friendly, safe, close knit environment for people to enjoy.
Long Live Order 332, and all her glory!
Glory to Order 332!
by TheRealMisaland February 20, 2022