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A person that smokes up all your fucking weed
Ex 1. Bruh, look at burner over here if he keep going at this rate there's gonna be a fuckin' problem.
Ex 2. Hahahaha, Burner over here higher than the clouds.
by ThePrimePate January 07, 2017

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Someone who is crazy, strange, wild, nasty, unorthodox, rude, savage or barbaric.
Omg, what a SCAVENGER he drunk 50 gallons of whiskey.

SCAVENGER stop eating with your hands.

He lifted 2000 pounds over his head what a SCAVENGER!

Ew, you didn’t flush when you took a shit SCAVENGER!

You fucked 10 girls and one night? You’re a fucking SCAVENGER.

You farted at the table SCAVENGER!

You flipped off your parents? YOU ARE A SCAVENGER!!!
by ThePrimePate May 17, 2018

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