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An idea that hasn't evolved since the industrial revolution. A brainwashing factory dedicated to implanting patriotism and loyalty to your country. Focused heavily on math and science so America can beat the Soviet Union... Oh wait, exactly.

Outdated system that once brainwashed your parents causing them to rethink their lives around 40; See midlife crisis. Destroys any imagination or creativity the student has before entering. The teachers want you to think if you fail here you're a failure of a human being and will never amount to anything. Often separated into gifted or honors classes and normal classes further enforcing isolation and feelings of insignificance. Where Pink Floyd's The Wall came from. Even the teachers aren't satisfied.

Training grounds for a meaningless life getting up, going to work, coming home and watching TV. Makes you believe that killing is right if it stops death in your country; See War. Makes you terrified of failing, which is awful because that destroys originality when no one has the courage to step outside the box.

Schools often hate art and music and put them secondary to Math and Science because spiritual satisfaction doesn't include money for the higher ups.

Someone needs to change it soon or we will never move forward as a people by embracing only the things that worked in the past.

Just an Epic Fail all around
Parents: Oh yeah everyone has to do it it's too bad you don't like it. Tough

Kids: Don't you think there's something wrong with High School if everyone hates it?

Parents: *Bullshit Lecture*
by TheOneForPeace October 19, 2011

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A soul broken by society; someone who has lost faith in people.
Little Timmy: I can't wait to grow up!

Adult Timmy: Why didn't I appreciate my childhood more!
by TheOneForPeace October 19, 2011

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Someone you spent the formative years of your young adulthood with. She loves the ocean and sharks. She worked at a winery and was a volunteer diver at a major aquarium. She put up with a lot of your bullshit for a long time. More than a bit forgetful and definitely a chaotic spaz. Has iridescent green and blue and gray eyes. Makes you think of the beach when you put your face to her sandy hair. Has a calming smile like a cool sea breeze on a hot day. Fiercely independent and goes for the jugular in verbal beatdowns. From perfume fights to geocache hikes, the time you shared will stay with you, even though the two of you couldn't work out a future together.
I love you Emily Meyer and I always will.
by TheOneForPeace October 10, 2020

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Synonym for Ballsack.
After I tasted his sweet ravioli, I decided to return the favor with the 'ol Filipino Dumpling.
by TheOneForPeace October 09, 2020

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