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1. N. A prestigious joint undergraduate program between Rice University and Baylor Medical School where only 15 incoming freshmen applicants are admitted each year. Undergraduate students admitted usually have an excellent highschool record and are guaranteed admission to Baylor Medical School after their undergraduate studies at Rice if they maintain a stellar record.

2. ADJ. Used to describe someone who is an over-achiever in any and every aspect of life. Used to discribe an action or thing that goes beyond what is neccessary in order to succeed.

3. V. To do something over and beyond the normal or expected in order to succeed or accomplish a task.

4. N. A person who is currently part of the Rice Baylor Program.
1. "Hey Diane, did you check the box to apply for the Rice Baylor Program in your application to Rice?"

2. "Taking your wife to France for her honeymoon and buying her a new summer house is such a rice baylor thing to do."

"Good job on stumping the featured speaker with that rice baylor question of yours."

3. "Wow Diane, way to rice baylor your first semester in college, getting above a 4.0 AND scoring an awesome new boyfriend."

"Holy crap Diane, way to rice baylor your way to 3rd job in 2 weeks." (MapleStory Players Only)

Person1: "Why is Diane so good at everything? She makes me feel so inadiquate."

Person2: "It's okay, don't feel bad. She's Rice Baylor."

Person1: "OOOOhhhh, no wonder."
by TheOneAndOnlyChad June 17, 2008

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