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A reactionary social system in which men are responsible in both the household and society for decision making and leadership, and also responsible for the protection and wellbeing of women and children. Essentially a division of tasks assigned according to the biological hardwiring of both sexes.

Postmodernism has highlighted and demonized patriarchy’s hierarchal elementals, and made it to seem as though it is a system of oppressive dominance rather than a system of love and sacrifice. Postmodernism has erased patriarchy’s inherently good elements, such as the role it plays in ennobling men and ensuring that they have a strong sense of moral obligation.

Another benefit of patriarchy is that it is rooted in the notion that duty is the essence of manhood, and so women are treated with higher respect and are safer in the company of men than they are in egalitarian societies where they are seen as a man’s equal and men have no feeling of duty or social expectations for them to serve women or make sacrifices for them, seeing as women today are supposed to be perfectly capable of managing on their own.
“Smash the patriarchy!”

“What? You realize that it is a system created to protect you and your offspring, right?”


Patriarchy is simply men taking the lead, making sacrifices and exercising their God-given leadership skills in the best interest of women and children.”


“When a man takes off his jacket and gives it to his woman because she’s cold, that’s patriarchy.”


“When a man works long hours to make sure his family is fed, that’s patriarchy.”


“When a man walks a woman to her door at night, that’s patriarchy.”

“Wait, so you’re telling me that patriarchy is not men using their power to oppress women, but men using their power to serve women, the way God has commanded them to?”

“See? Now you get it.”
by TheNoahWebsterOfToday February 12, 2020
Similar to being red pilled, but more specifically concerning the threat the techno-industrial system and unfettered technological progress poses to all human flourishing and the psychological harm it imposes on a massive scale. The term references Ted Kaczynski, otherwise known as the Unabomber, a math prodigy who abandoned life as a university professor to live off the grid in a secluded cabin and who wrote Industrial Society and Its Future.
by TheNoahWebsterOfToday March 22, 2020