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An Android user. A redundant expression because all Android users are fags.

Also generally has a gayish obsession with transformers (hence the reason why all Android phones have gay ass transformers related names).
Yo Brian, I just got my new Android Prime Transformer Optimus Megatron PLUS. Can you take your dick out of my ass for a minute so I can test it? It has FLASH!

Brian: Sorry fagdroid, your bitch-ass fagdroid phone will have to wait while I transform your ass into a fine jelly!
by TheGreatOne121 November 19, 2011
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An Android-OS user that is a fat, pimply faced loser living in his mom's basement. He typically knows nothing about technology but gets all of his self-esteem from learning how to "root" his cheap phone and pretending this makes him a technology expert.

Spends massive amounts of time in chatrooms trying to disparage other smartphone users for not being able to "root" their phones. Fandroids are always losers that generally suck at life and they are almost always virgins.
Typical fandroid example is the fat loser that sucks at sports and has no friends. They are always stupid as well, but they try to pretend they have technical knowledge by always going on forums talking about "open" platforms and "rooting" phones.
by TheGreatOne121 September 10, 2011
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