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A white person who wants to be black is one thing, but it is not based on what they wear or how they talk, if your gonna be fake you gonna be fake no matter what color you are, you can claim gangs that you aint in or things u aint really done, but do grow up with things in common another race and feel the fuckin shit we had to deal with growin up, like your father being in a fuckin box and no mother and being treated like a fuckin bum by the "family" you got and havin nothin and doing what it takes to get money,then joining the army and fightin in a real life fuckin war in Iraq that most of yall are to god damn selfish and scared to take part in dont make me no fuckin wigga, if you got a problem get at me and im for real get at me
Look at that wigga claimin shit they scared to do,pussy who thinks they is hard cause the city round them is
by TheGift09 April 12, 2006
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