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Where a person makes up or dodges everything that a person attacks with them. This term is used in RPs (Role Play).

1. Annoying to people and extremely frustrating
2. What people call noobs tend to use if they are used to rp yet.
3. Over-used
Here is an example of god modding (I wil be using my my rp charcters)
Goldie: teleports and kicks Alex in the head
Alex: dodges Goldie's kick and flips him breaking his leg

Goldie: teleports and punches Alex in the head
Alex: Before Goldie punches him he grabs is arm and uses a magic dust that puts him under his control and orders him to snap his and he dies

You see what Ales did there. He first blocked his kick and flipped him and then used "Before she/he ___" and used something to put him in his control to make him win even though, my character, Alex doesn't use magic powders or dusts he uses a Katana
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by TheFappingDuck October 12, 2016

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