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Something unnecessary that is done far too often by immature, unintelligent people who feel the need to put a label on everything and cannot accept that not everything fits into their cookie cutter images.

One example of such ridiculous is found in the top definition of the term "libtard" (wow, what an intellectual, mature argument against liberalism lol). According to this definition, the politically liberal are all bound to Hell, unless they agree 100% with every single thing that that the definer and his political party say.

It's so funny how they accuse atheists (and anybody who is religious and liberal, which for some reason is the same as being an atheist to these immature conflators) of not being patriotic, but then will go up to bash about how liberals and atheists are "ruining America" and will bitch and moan about America's current state... but when liberals say that America is great now and can get even better by learning a thing or two form other countries... then suddenly they're antiAmerican communists?
For examples of the immature conflation of religion and politics, just look at the vast majority of definitions on here :) Lol.

Due to the conflation of religion and politics, people honestly think that being a conservative Republican who votes for George Bush, John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Donald Trump will get them into Heaven.

No, "conservative" does not automatically mean "religious" which does not automatically mean "spiritual" which does not automatically mean "Christian" because:

1. There are multiple religions.
2. There are people of multiple political alignments in each religion.
3. Spirituality is often very different from straight up religion.
4. Politics are the most materialistic and manmade system, whereas spirituality/religion AT LEAST IN THEORY is supposed to be a search for the greater truth.
5. Jesus, who was all about letting people into his home, I really doubt would approve of profiling, bashing, and putting a border to stop Mexicans from coming into America.

But of course, neoconservatives will continue to assume that they are the only Christians and, according to them, atheists and liberal Christians and Jews are all one and the same, despite the fact that they have DRASTICALLY DIFFERENT VIEWS ON RELIGION AND SPIRITUALITY!

And this is why we can't have nice things *Sigh*
It's so ironic how Rational Truth calls himself "rational" and what he says the "truth," yet he spreads nothing but lies and misinformation about atheists and devotes his life to writing definitions of words on here that, in some way or the other, completely flame, insult, and trash atheists. Man, what a life :) He says that most atheists are "atheist losers" without even taking into account what a "theist loser" he is making out of himself.
Quite an ironic name for the user. He shows his clear misinformation and obsession with atheists in his definitions. I could sit here and pick his argument apart piece by piece, but I have too much of a life to be able to waste my time on such hateful jokes.

Just let me clarify: atheists never said that everything comes out of nothing. They just say that the universe always existed in its current form, or that it existed in another form. And yes, that does make sense because even the Higgs Boson confirms that there was a singularity.

The best part about him is that he goes on to talk about how atheists are almost all "atheist losers" and in all of the words that he defines, he completely bashes them and then says that atheists are the bigoted and hateful ones lmfaoooo! XD
"RationalTruth" is an example of a misnomer.

Oh, and by the way, Hitler did not persecute Christians, genius. Not for their beliefs. The individuals that were persecuted were the ones who did not follow Germany's Christianity hard enough.

Nor was Hitler an atheist. Stalin was an atheist, yes, but Hitler hated and wanted to crush Stalin and his regime lol. In fact, he WAS a Christian and used the mass power of the Catholics and Protestants to get what he wanted... his aversion to homosexuality, belief on women being the caregivers who should stay at home and have many kids (BE FRUITFUL AND MULTIPLY), and antiSemitism were ALL Christian motivated, helped along and advanced by Christianity (and Islam too, in the German units in North Africa), so please check your facts before you spew bullshit out of your mouth :)