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When a person blows a toaster.
Jimmy: "I can't get all the crumbs out of my toaster..."

Paul: "dude, just bloaster"
by The brave little toaster February 01, 2014

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Skull ducking is an ancient myan sport which involves tapping someone on the skull with the bill of a duck. Whoever can withstand being ducked for the longest time win. Although it is quite complicated and it involves the flexing of certain skeletal muscles to make the skull ducking last longer.

Recently, has been recommended by some that it should be an olympic sport.
We skull ducked for hours.
I Skull ducked your grandmother.
I dipped the remainder of my penis in a shit covered, hairy bloody, egg smelling, tuna infested, bubbling, vaginal puss farting hole after we were done Skull Ducking Your grandmother.
by The Brave Little Toaster June 02, 2009

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