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Oxycontin is the time-release form of oxycodone, usually prescribed for chronic and severe pain. Because it contains a larger amount of oxycodone, it has become one of the most abused prescription drugs in the United States.
known as oxy, oc, alot of other nicknames. comes in green 80mgs which are the best, then orange 40s, yellow 20s and got 10s and shit but its all about 80s. so their broke down into powder with a grader to snort or slap it on some foil and smoke it it can be melted and slammed to. they all got a time released coating over the pill that is rubbed off first. its a great high but very addicting and it will eventually especially after years of daily use take all your money give u withdraws and start alot of stuff like arguments fights stealing lying. 80s go for 45, 40s for 25 at the most in the 916 SIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
you can hit those trailz -oxycontin
by The West Coast Don August 19, 2009

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