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The time when someone stands in front of a row of portable toilets or "Johns" and must gamble on which one seems the most sanitary. This is much like a "lottery" which is why it is referred to as a "Portable Potty Lotty".
Mary really had to play the Portable Potty Lotty when she approached the concerts portable toilets. She ended up winning by selecting the one toilet that had not been defecated in.

Gary lost the Portable Potty Lotty because as he stepped into his portable toilet he released a loud shriek. He exited with poo all over his pants and shoes. Poor gary, maybe next time you'll win the Portable Potty Lotty.
by The True Shannigan August 18, 2009

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(verb) To Shpoople

A word used when one cannot complete a sentence. A Shpoople is often used during awkward moments and are good for various times of odditiy. Shpoople is a word of a new bread, it can be used in any and all sentences and is made for the purpose of filling sentences so you dont have to.
"Uhm hey can i have that pen?"

"So is that a yes?"

-"Yeah dude sure."

*silence during a car ride* "SHPOOPLE"

-"Derick what was that?"

"You know that kid in school who wont stop saying shpoople? yeah were all gonna beat the crap outta him at lunch you in?"

by The True Shannigan September 25, 2009

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