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The almost demonic alter-ego of Green Day's Jesus of Suburbia, St. Jimmy is the patron saint of Chaos and the Underground. He was born with a pistol in his right hand and a syringe in his left. His wings are the blood and carnage of the urban jungle. His occupation is drug dealer. His goal is anarchy. He is a being too wild and dangerous to die at the hands of anyone except himself. St. Jimmy is the Angel of Destruction. And he's comfortable with that.
There's a glow of light
The St Jimmy is the spark in the night
Bearing gifts and trust
The fixture in the city lust
What the hell's your name
Whats your pleasure and whats your pain?
Do you dream to much?
Do you think what you need is a crutch
In the crowd of pain. St. Jimmy comes without any shame
He says “we're fucked up”
But we're not the same
And mom and dad are the ones you can blame

Jimmy died today

He blew his brains out into the bay
In the state of mind it's my own private suicide
-The Death of St. Jimmy, American Idiot, Green Day
by The Traveler May 18, 2006

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