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1. The practice of constantly throwing co-workers under the bus (exposing them, making them look bad, etc.) with the goal of either making themself look better or for personal amusement.

2. The process of Chuck Norris symbotically merging with a bus.
1. "Watch out for Gavin man, he practically founded a school on buschuckery. Good luck getting any of the comission on that now."

2. "I'm losing control of it.... Oh no, it's Chuck Norris, and he's doing buschuckery again, hold on everybody!"
by The Second-Hand Condom Man February 08, 2010

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An individual that works to peel off any scabs on porn actors bodies just prior to a shoot as to give them a nice smooth surface. Alternately, they are used to help remove the dried sperm or other caked-on substances from actors in between scenes, removing them much the same way as actual scabs. While not strictly required, it's polite custom for the individual to lick the fresh new areas after removing the scab to make sure they feel OK (much like kissing a boo-boo better). Finally, most have collection jars that they carry with them to keep the most interesting specimens they find for display or ingestion later.
"That Scab Worker did a great job on my ass today, now it must be baby-smooth!" and "My face was totally caked after that bukkake, but that Scab Worker took it off in one big peel like a mask, if felt great!"
by The Second-Hand Condom Man February 10, 2010

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The practice of reusing the same condom over and over until it is totally worn out (breaks).
"Man, I started doing the Rubber Repeat like you told me and I'm saving a ton on condoms!"
by The Second-Hand Condom Man August 24, 2011

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A Log Ride (sexual position) is when one person deficates (takes a shit) on another persons chest while in the sitting up position, then urinates (pisses) on them just above where they deficated. This reuslts in the feces (the shit, a.k.a. log) riding down the stream of urine (piss) to their stomache or further, much like a log going downstream.
"Chris said his wife let him give her a log ride the other night! That's were that stain on the carpet must have come from...."
by The Second-Hand Condom Man February 09, 2010

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