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Qiggles with joy. To smile or laugh at someone's comment
person 1: have you heard about LMAOROTFL
person 2: QWJ. That's hillarious
by The Rumbler August 07, 2007
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Not Safe For Republicans
"This poster of Obama is NSFR"
by The Rumbler January 05, 2009
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an acronym, short for Wife Beater Friday. Wife Beater being a blue Bonds brand singlet. Other colours (non-blue) are accepted under extenuating circumstances, but it's commonly known that a wife beater must be blue. Wife Beater Friday being the day that you must wear your wife beater to work. This is EVERY friday.
Employee 1: "Hey, it's WBF, where's your 'beater?"
Employee 2: "It's in the wash"
Employee 1: "Wash? you wash it? Poof!"
by The Rumbler May 08, 2008
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