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A wanta be linux power user who has only installed a distro with full GUI that works without compiling anything. These guys think they support linux but have no idea how to compile or make anything work on their own. Hence the Ubuntu Junkie.
Man did you catch Jim the Ubuntu Junkie he can't even compile mplayer.
by The Peasant King June 03, 2011
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A girl/women that is appropriately proportioned to look really sexy. Not skinny so that she needs a sandwich but not BBW.

Squishy should invoke the underlying desire to bite the girl/women. One should be able to bite and get enough of a bite so that it is a sexy bite and does not hurt too much. A good rule of thumb is at least a 1" fold.

Squishy is a very good complement on a women's figure.
Man did you you see Jill she is really squishy, I want to bite her. But dude Patricia could really use a sandwich.
by The Peasant King December 13, 2012
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