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A player of words, a mangler of the English language. Best avoided.
Yankee Dude: Hey Limey! What's propaganda?
Limey Dude (closet punologist): A real male goose! (runs away)
ie. Proper Gander. (ie. male goose)
Now Do You Get It?
by The Occupant February 28, 2008
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When a chat room allows its users to complete a partially spelled screen name by pressing the tab button on your computer, mistakes can be made if several people have similer screen names. This is known as a tab pwn.
Robo_Catz: Mufter_the_King: Mufter_the_King is uber dumm
Mufter_the_King:Excuse me?
Mufter_the_Queen: Sorry, tab pwn, I think Robo_Catz was talking to me.
by The Occupant February 22, 2008
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