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the shit school in sparta new jersey where the only reason u decide 2 go ther is becuz u r stoned and not realizing that u r dealing with the prudest students EVER and the worst and most least experienced teachers u will hav the displeasure 2 meet!!!! The teachers make up rules about no hugging and the headmasters expell you 4 touching someones face and the assistant headmaster suspends u for saying that u r sad becuz they think u r goin 2 hurt urself or some1 else!!!!!! the students hav neva gon out wid ne1 and dont want to!!! they think that it is normal to go thro life not having sex until u r 45!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
every shit headed peice of shit who goes to hilltop BETTER KNOWN AS HILLSHIT 4 their entire life and who has decided 2 go back after 1 yr!!!!!
by The Oblivious June 01, 2004
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this stupid peice of shit school that sux major ass but is tooooo fuckin prude to actually kiss some1 on the cheek!!!! SEE hilltop country day FOR A BETTER MORE ACURATE DEFINITION!!!!!!!
every fuckin prude @ hillshit!!!
by The Oblivious June 01, 2004
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1. Term often used for breasts or boobs
2. Those two brown things on either side of a nose
3. plural form of Brown Eye, anus
1. "I like a girl with a big booty and some big brown eyes"
2. "Hey Dave, I never knew you had brown eyes!"
3. "Jackie's brown eye is bangin' yo"
by The Oblivious February 05, 2004
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