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A thin layer of chocolate on ice cream that will freeze up when it comes in contact with air.

Hence, fecal matter residue found on one's penis after anal sex.
"Dude, when I pulled out.. bitch gave me the Magic shell !"
by The Nitwitz January 04, 2004
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When you're pummeling a girl doggy style, grab both of her wrists behind her back and pull her arms up, thus pushing her face in the pillow numerous times.

Repeat at will.
"I didn't like her face so it was time for the Chicken Feeder"
by The Nitwitz January 04, 2004
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Male having a bald spot, presumably identifying him as victim of the "break-dancing" craze in the early 80's.
See that black dude with the bald spot overthere ? Total headspinner.
by The Nitwitz January 25, 2004
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Breaking the magic shell by slapping one's penis on a girl's forehead.
"I gave her a nasty Crispin Glover"
by The Nitwitz January 23, 2004
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