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A twisted "game" created by motorcyclists that congregate at a San Diego bike night gathering (in Mira Mesa). Played by attempting to make (mostly harmful) physical contact with another player's genitals.

Players usually stand around in a circle (or semi-circle) discussing random topics and randomly a player will try to "box-check" another by taking a strike at their genitals. The game attempts to make use of several diversions, such as riddles or jokes to distract players.

The box-check is the female version of a "bing-bong"

Most of the motorcyclists at said San Diego Bike Night gathering know that if they try to box-check MCC, she will introduce them to the ground.
none given as no box-check has been completed.
by The MCC April 28, 2007

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The act of having a shitty attitude when feeling entitled.
When a teenager wants attention from their parent in a bratty-nasty way. "My daughter gave me a real shititude last night when I wouldn't let her sleep at her boyfriends house last night."
by The MCC September 03, 2015

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