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A Variation of the term PIMP. This name is often used for people whose name begins with 'J', particularly James. This is because the name James is often shortened to 'Jim', thus the letter 'P' need only be added to give this person quite possibly the most 'hip' and 'trendy' nickname available on this planet. This nickame can be said either as one word e.g The JIMP or as a series of letters e.g The J.I.M.P, which is more effective i leave it for you to decide.
Dude: Yo its The JIMP (or J.I.M.P), wassup?
Other dude (often James): Yo, I am the motherf**king JIMP (or J.I.M.P)
by The J.I.M.P October 26, 2004

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Well where do we start? How many 13 yr olds do you know that have a whole rural region of southern England at his very beck and call? The amount of Fuel consuming SUV's this man has is unreal, an escalade to him is as common as a wank to you and me? ahh 'but he is merely a 13 yr old kid'i hear you cry, 'he cant drive such automobiles'. You would of course be correct. Shame on you for thinkin that would even sit in the drivers seat. That job is left to his many mignons (of which i am one). Gaz on the otherhand clambers into the back of his vehicle with the aid of many a willing female volunteer who are willing to meet his every desire. As for Gaz's profession, he likes to call himself the 'PIMPIN dictator'. This is due to his ruling of the town Sturminster Newton and its many provinces. When I say rule, this dude does it in style with the aid of the affore mentioned 'Gaz Gals' and SUV's and the company of his own crew the 'Gazzians'. This is, as i said ruling in style, hence the name PimPin Dictator.
If you have yet to meet Gaz i suggest that you do, sooner rather than later, but remember to like his shoes (left first) when you greet him. Its rude not to.

All hail Gaz, King of North Dorset
Gaz: I rule
Mignons: Fo shizzle ma Nizzle
by The J.I.M.P October 26, 2004

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A term used to hide the fact u r really talkin bout weeed. Code if u will.
Dude, lets hav a watermelon sesh.

Na, mate skint as a dog.
by The J.I.M.P March 06, 2005

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