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An aesthetic and cultural phenomenon that plagued Center Line High School in the 2008-2009 school year.

Reliable rumor has it that some time in 2008 a nameless young lady greeted a young man's mother in the recognizable phrase, "Hey dude!"

Some months later, another young man caught wind of this mighty tale, and combined his artistic vision with the other young man's entrepreneurial spirit to create a remarkable product: DUDE MAN BRO T-shirts.

The shirts, embossed on the front side with this articles namesake, featured a mysterious wizard on the back for reasons unknown. However, one thing is certain: the wizard had a loosely hung frame and a promiscuous look in its eye.

Within weeks of the T-shirt's production, DUDE MAN BRO became a moniker for dastardly and cunning behavior with a lack of respect for authority. DMB and its members led an unprecedented movement that has since been unmatched by any students to set foot in the institution.
Student 1: Here comes the DUDE MAN BRO crew down the hallway!

Student 2: And they are wearing their shirts!

Student 1: They are in uniform today.
by The Honorable Liam July 23, 2011

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