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After escaping the wrath of Testicle Torsion, unleash a 4-week nut bomb extravaganza on your girlfriend's headlights. Proceed to breathe fire, and exit with caution.
I gave my girlfriend a glazing job and she quickly became a wax figurine. This was the result of the deadly Dragon Slayer Supreme.
by The Gerber Gobbler February 27, 2010
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While sleeping on a futon, next to the bed of your buddy's girlfriend, spew hot garbage from your anus into an oscillating fan. As she awakes from her slumber to the suffocating stench, play possum and keep the giggles to yourself.
After a long day of my buddy's girlfriend badgering, I decided to fall asleep on his futon. This is when I decided to punish her and unleash Uncle Wully's Rude Awakening. She was up for hours.
by The Gerber Gobbler February 26, 2010
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While wearing a bow-tie, whip out your chode and blow a load in her face while reciting your favorite Pee-Wee Herman verse.
After watching Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, I felt naughty and gave my girlfriend the "Sperman Herman"...she loved it
by The Gerber Gobbler February 26, 2010
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