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TROOF n.: The truth with substantial proof to accompany the aforementioned truth. TROOF is portmanteau or a combination of the words truth and proof; not a mispronunciation of the word truth as alluded to by many that do not know how to truly or creatively interpret the English language. In laymens terms the truth + proof= TROOF
According to historical accounts, America was discovered by Christopher Columbus. The troof is, no place can be discovered if there were already people living there.
by The DowJonez October 22, 2011

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NIPPLETACULOCITY-pronounced: nip-pul-tak-u-lah-si-tee (n.) the state of one's (a female) nipple protruding through the fabric of an upper body garment and looking spectacular. NIPPLETACULOUS is the accepted adjective form; add -ly for the adverb form.
Pamela Anderson's nippletaculocity in a bikini is unrivaled.
by The DowJonez February 21, 2011

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