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An AR platform rifle in the .308 caliber. Far more powerful than the standard .223 round, the .308 is suitable for taking large game at far distances. If an AK47 is a chopper, a .308 M.B.R. is a fucking disintegrator.
Billy: Holy dog shit, that AR-10 just chopped that dude with the bullet proof vest in half!
Timmy: I know, I can't wait to get a .308 mbr so I can fuck shit up too!
by The coyote July 22, 2013
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1. Inhuman.
2. Akin to the coyote in Indian legends, he is a trickster and loves fire, bringing fire with him, and/or making fire (bigger). Also a fierce fighter.
"Guys... thats... Cyodie."
"Whoa! watch out, your gonna call down Cyodie with flames that high!"

by The Coyote April 06, 2009
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