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Noun: a carrier of such traits as a total fucking tease, sex noob, or general lack of sexual knowledge
e.g. "Dude, Maya is a vagoober, don't even go there"

Adjective: unclean, torn up, used or otherwise less than average ladyparts.
e.g. "dude, her snootch is vagoobers"

Verb: sucking in bed, to engage in the act of being a tease, sexual misconduction.
e.g. "nah man, she fucking vagoobered me"
He is vagoobers girl, little dick, big ego.
by The Colorado Panda June 27, 2011
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When posting in a thread of a certain image board, if the operator deems the thread a win thread if one meets certain requirements, such as tits, rolling doubles, trips, or even quadruples, or posting teh lulz. If you succeed, you win the game forever, and whenever you would lose the game, you must instead inform them that you cannot ever lose.
Hey dude, The game, you lose.

Cool story Bro, except I rolled trips in a win thread, I cant lose, an hero faggot.
by The Colorado Panda June 23, 2011
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