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The first documentary reference is the Domesday Book of 1086, its manor being held by Robert D'Oyly who built Oxford Castle. The current lord of the manor, Grub Hubbucks is well respected for having banished all chavs to the nearby market town of Bicester and is rumoured to be growing both Bananas and Palm trees on his land. It is recorded that he lives in the current manor house with his wife, the lady Kate and their three daughters and one son. It can not currently be confirmed if the mythical 'Grubs Jungle Hideout' exists.
Wretchwick, ancient Saxon settlement.
by The butler October 06, 2013

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Supposed home to the mythical 'Grubs Jungle Hideout', a place where Bananas and Palm trees are grown in the Sub tropic of Bicester
Hanging gardens of Babylon but in Wretchwick.
by the Butler October 06, 2013

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A really slow-ass bug. You can defeat it by using salt.
Damn, this slug got on me and started sucking away at my life. Good thing I had my salt handy.
by The Butler April 17, 2005

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