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A really awesome city that is stereotyped entirely way too much. Sure it is mostly black and has a large industrial landscape, but so what? None of those two are necessarily bad things. I love black people; they are awesome, and I personally love the industrial architecture. In addition, it is one of the birthplaces of modern rock and rap, and has one of the most kick-ass basketball teams: The Detroit Pistons. The Detroit Tigers are cool, too.
Detroit is a kickass city with one of the best skylines ever.
by The Book of Truth July 09, 2005
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In reality, this is a line of land mass that makes up about a third of the Commonwealth's land mass as well as over half of its population. It runs from Henderson County on the far west end, and all the way to Maysville on the far east end, both of them along the Ohio River. The major metropolises, medium-sized cities, and large towns in this area include Henderson, Owensboro, Elizabethtown, Madisonville (not far from the South), Louisville, Frankfort, Lexington, Florence, Covington, Newport, and Maysville. This large land strip is the Midwestern part of Kentucky; everything below, including Bowling Green, Paducah, Glasgow, Somerset, and Richmond, is the Southern part of Kentucky.
The people of Northern Kentucky are not too much different from those in the rest of the Commonwealth. Most of us have the same morals, religion, and even politics. The only differences are we have more connections with the "official" Northern states, and therefore do more business with them; we also have more Northern regional and cultural influences, especially from Ohio and Indiana. That is why many of the North Kentuckians act and sometimes talk more like Northerners.
by The Book of Truth July 10, 2005
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