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The act of crapping so much the next day after spicy food from a mexican joint that your asshole is red and sore, almost making it impossible to wipe properly or walk normal
That burrito with habanero peppers gave me a serious bout of mexican redbut the next morning. It hurt so bad after the third shit I couldnt even wipe. At the end of the day I had to throw my underwear away because of the minor assbleeding and shit stains
by The Blueman September 18, 2009

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When one user questions or attacks another user, and the 2nd instantly accuses them of being a "troll". Often the first resort of those on shaky ground.
PD: "I don't think Asians should date Blacks."

Goldwing: "That's because you're a dumb racist."

PD: "Troll alert!"

Count X: "Man, don't even play the troll card, you racist shitbag."
by The BlueMan October 26, 2012

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