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To Be Frank Duxed is:

similar to being knocked out in world record fashion by swift Frank Dux roundhouse kick to the head

it can apply to, quick losses in gambling, fighting, sports games, or rejection to name a few

also applicable to the pansy at a party who passes out after a shot of tequila

It Can also be used in the verb form: Frank Duxing It, in which the losing/rejection is pre meditaded

its origin comes from the Bloodsport movie, in which Van Damme played the character Frank Dux, a martial arts specialist who honoured his shidoshi in the Kumite by winning it all and by defeating opponents in world record time
John really got Frank Duxed the other night, he went in all in at poker on the 1st hand and lost with a pair of twos.
by The Babaganoush February 25, 2007
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