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A total boss. It is a group of individuals that you can count on to get the job done. You would trust these people with your life. A Poncho Commander never lets go, he is a ride or die person.
My wife walked outside in a bikini, that guy looked at her straight in the eyes and never strayed, he is a true poncho commander.
by The guy 1337 July 18, 2018

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The Savage Poncho Commander is an upgraded version of the Poncho Commander. They are your go to people who need to get shit done, except now they don't care about the feelings of others. They enjoy dunking on people, or flying elbows from the top rope. A Savage Poncho Commander is someone you call in when all hope is lost, and you need victory regardless of any damage done.
We are in a tight spot right now, I hope we can get this done in time. Don't worry, I know a savage poncho commander. Hell hath no fury like a Savage Poncho Commander on a mission.
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by The guy 1337 January 22, 2019

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