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3 definitions by The dickdslater of middle east

Still there for me.

100% Created by me. Most likely.
Annie: I gotta go...
Annie: Sorry..?
Me: Still there for me....
Annie: KK
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This word is a name for an Asian girl. Being perfect, beautiful and intelligence (sometimes, most of time is innocently stupid).

Everytime we see a girl we'd say Annie Shum-like. Don't tell her I wrote this definition. Yup, definitely Annie Shum.
AS: I saw myself on Urban Dictionary.

Me: Annie Shum? Alright. Do you like it.
AS: I can't read English.
by The dickdslater of middle east October 19, 2018
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This phrase comprises two part, but it is still following the rules which is Subject + Verb + Object.

It is a very symbolic phrase which invented in Hong Kong 70s -80s and being popular in 90s - 2010.

On lun 99 is the emphasized form of the word on 9. They use lun and double 9 to enhance the word on9. If On 9 refer to the stupidest people, on lun 99 will then express more damage to the receiver, weakening their ability in argue. The reading sound is from bass to treble.

sic bun chau is the second of the phase which indicate a movement. Some people directly translate it into smd. I am not saying they are wrong but more accurately, it is to "Suck the soft/irr-erectional dick". Since people shall not get hard in front of an on lun 99.
Dick: Sorry sir, seems I make this report wrong, I will fix it asap.
Sir (smiling): Its okay, you always on lun 99 sic bun chau.
Dick: Sorry....
Sir: I will find another and you can leave now.
by The dickdslater of middle east October 16, 2018
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