1 definition by The Wordpress Ninja

A person that has ninjitsu like skills that can do freaky things with Wordpress. Nothing is too hard. This ninja can pwn with Wordpress and rule the bloggersphere.

Blogging is great but a Ninja can make a blog look like a 5 star hotel and call you by your mama's name!

This ninja is not the normal blogger, they can make you snap your neck with their l33t skills. You will never see this guy or chic, she hides in the posts and strikes in the forums.

Its all in an effort to make a blog look......well...not like a blog!
I need to hire a Wordpress Ninja to create a kick ass social business website! Oh Sh*t, I killed my CSS style sheet.....call the f'n Wordpress Ninja!
by The Wordpress Ninja June 03, 2011
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