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backing out of a major commitment right before the deadline that will disappoint friends, fans, and family members.
Andrew Luck, former franchise QB of the Indianapolis Colts, retired 2 weeks before the NFL season began without any notice or signs of retirement. Fans booed him off the field as they witnessed Andrew Lucking.
by The Ultimate Dumper Jumper August 30, 2019

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A vidcation is when you’ve tested positive for Covid-19 and you are required to work from home for the next 10-14 days.
Since I just found out that I tested positive for COVID-19, my HR department explained to me the terms of my vidcation. Even though my test may have been a false positive and no one knows if I’m contagious, I must take vidcation. My boss is currently on his vidcation and his biggest complaint is not being able to taste his Diet Coke. Such a sad and cruel world we live in.

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