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A person\Pokemon that has killed so many people\Pokemon
that it knows almost all the ways of killing people\Pokemon such as sequences of moves.
The opposite of a noob in COD or Halo
Oh my god your Pokemon is such a death nerd
I am a death nerd in Call of duty
by The Pokemon nerd December 19, 2010
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The name of the deformed pokemon mascot. They were going to make Clefairy the pokemon but instead people liked Pikachu more so they made Pikachu the mascot. So a Clefichu is when half the people liked Clefairy and and the other half liked Pikachu.
Boss:So team who shall we make the pokemon mascot

Half of table: CLEFAIRY!!!!!!!

Other half of table: Pikachu

Boss: How about if we made a Clefichu

Team: Oh I give up just make it a Pikachu
by The Pokemon nerd July 16, 2011
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