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Learn to play, most commonly used by people who spend their whole lives on mmorpg's.
/2 {Nubcake}: WTS {Seal of Sylvanus}
/2 {lvl 70 nerd}:rofl omg l2p nub thats BoP. Go level /slap.
by The Mighty D May 30, 2007
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Shaking hands with the one-eyed milk man.

Also a (Quality) song by The Network on their album Money Money 2020.
"50 cents cheaper than the real thing
even though it may be a little bit disgusting
can't call a bitch and it ain't got no drama
it's called a new sensation called the right hand-a-rama"

"I don't know why
I don't know why
It sure feels good
most every time"
by The Mighty D May 30, 2007
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