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An anime run on Japanese television from 1992-1997, and American television from 1995-2001 (?). Later made into a live action version with kawaii plushie kitties (sarcasm). Prior to and during the years of broadcasts of the anime it was published in the magazine Nakayoshi and collected to a 18 tankobon manga. A spin-off of not as popular manga Codename wa Sailor V by the same mangaka: Takeuchi Naoko. A target of many anti-shrines, and H-doujin possibly because of its notoriety inside and outside of Japan. (do you see any anti-shrines of Serial Experiments Lain?). The manga was later re-collected into a gensaku edition that only consisted of 12 volumes (more acts per volume) and featured revised artwork.
I used to watch Sailor Moon, but then Sailor Luna came and scared me shitless.
by The Mahou demon May 19, 2007

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