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Conservatives who claim to love America, yet have a deep seated hatred for anyone expressing progressive / liberal ideas - first utilized almost exclusively on "The David Packman Show" under the segment "Hatriot Mail", where viewers who dislike progressive ideas send their hate filled e-mails to David Packman to air on his "Hatriot Mail" segment.
Hatriots who think they are Patriots love to send their hate filled e-mails to David Packman.
by The Industrialist February 16, 2015
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Industrialist Rock n' Roller \in-DUHS-tree-uh-list rok-uhn-rohl-er\, noun:

1. A person who owns or is involved in an enterprise whose purpose is to produce a product of objective Value in the mindless void of the entertainment industry.

2. A person of or relating to the characteristics of a Russell Turner
Russell Turner, the Industrialist Rock n' Roller produced his debut album without regard to public opinion holding the value of his product as the highest virtue.
by The Industrialist September 15, 2009
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