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The beer effect occurs when you are in a restaurant with someone you don't know that well, and everybody gets like water or diet coke, until you order a beer, and everybody changes their mind and gets beer too :-)
Paul: - "I'll have a diet coke."
Sarah: - "I'll have a glass of water."
Martin: "I'll have a beer."
Paul: - "You know what, i'll have beer too. I don't want the coke.
Sarah: - "I'll have a beer as well"
Martin: "Yeah. Thats the beer effect."
by The Incredible Nerd/Junkie February 1, 2010
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If you are concidering attending an NA meeting and wonder what it's like, it's probably gonna be not like you expected. Many emphasize the 12 step program NA uses, the sponsor-system and the "higher force" but what makes NA unique is that all of this is voluntary, and the "higher force" is not God or Jesus, but a force within yourself. You don't have to call first, sign a membership or plan anything, you can just show up at the meeting and sit down around a table.

Nobody has to say anything at a meeting, making it an easy starting point for someone who are looking to end their drug problems. What you do is listen, to people who know your drug problem from every aspect because they have experienced it themselves. Some are in a worse place than you are, while others have achieved the things you dream of. Meeting these people in an eviroment where you are equals can be very inspirational and this is why NA often succseed where "the system" fails.
Just get your ass to a meeting and sit down and listen. The shittier you feel walking into narcotics anonymous the better you'll feel coming out. Don't ask me why, but it works.
by The Incredible Nerd/Junkie February 2, 2010
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Victim #1: "Hey, there's a guy coming our way, on skis, and he's got a rifle strapped around his shoulder! WTF does he want?"

Victim #2: "Og shit! Get down!! It's a Norwegian drive-by!!"
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Julian Assange was born in Australia in 1971. He is a modern hero of our times.

Wen he was young he was a programmer, hacker/cracker and he is concidered to be an "internet activist". To day he is mostly known as the founder of wikileaks.org, a news web page that specialize in source protection and goverment secrets. The US stated that he was a terrorist and some called for his assasination.

In late 2010 he was arrested and thrown in jail in the UK, with no charge other than the Swedish police wanted to interview him about an sexual harrassment episode. The arrest has helped Assange to rise to an almost legendary status allready among civil rights movements for his sacirifice for the freedom of speech and a free press.
Julian Assange is allready a legend. If they made a movie about his life until now, it would probably be like "Wargames" combined with "Jason Bourne identity".
by The Incredible Nerd/Junkie December 8, 2010
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Online stalking performed by forum trolls. A troll will often trollow you around on the forum, posting provocative replies to your comments - regardless of you ignoring them.
"I outed this user at the i-a-b.com forum as a troll, in a comment section in the post forums two days ago. He's still trollowing me around, disputing every single comment i make.

Hit him with the banhammer 'til he's back in Nintendo- land. That'll teach him not to trollow "
by The Incredible Nerd/Junkie April 26, 2011
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The only real weapon that is effective in fighting Social Terrorism. (Basically friends who show up at your place, and refuse to leave.)
Ding- dong!

Sally: "Hi! May i come in?"
You: "No - go away. Goodbye."

Door slams.

Counter Social Terrorism. Tough, clean and as nasty as the terrorist itself.
by The Incredible Nerd/Junkie September 30, 2010
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This is the Constitution Day of Norway. On may 17th 1814 the Norwegian Constitution was signed at Eidsvoll, Norway. The day is celebrated throughout the country, with mainly children's parades. The children are to be the center of celebration on the constitusional day in Norway, as they are the nation's future. This is in the spirit of poet Henrik Wergeland, who was the one who took the initiative to celebrate this day. The parades usually consist of the children from the local school districts, corps music and "russ" - which is high school grad students who traditionally wear overall outfits in different colors - representing the type of education they have finished - and of course tons of beautiful Norwegian flags! Many consider the uniquest part of the 17th may celebration to be the total absence of military parading. May 17th is also celebrated in Norwegian communities throughout the world. In the evening the children go to bed - exhausted from walking in the parade all day and eating tons of ice- cream, and the graduation students and other grown ups party like hell until morning.
Norwegian National Anthem(1st. verse) sung on May 17 :

"yes we love this country as it rises
rugged, weathered, above the water in the thousands of homes
love, love to think, of our father and mother
and the saga nights sends, dreams to our soil!
yes the saga night that sends, sends dreams to our soil!"
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