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When you feel depressed over something that happens on the Internet, such as all your friends being banned from your favorite forum because you happened to share the same e-mail account or when you and your RP accounts get banned from Skype.
A: Did you hear about Kyle? Boy, did he suffer from internet depression.
B: What happened?
A: He got banned from Skype for RPing. Apparently, because he was RPing, people thought he was schizo since they actually thought he believed he was his own fictional characters.
B: Sweet baby Jesus. That's the worst thing that could happen to somebody.
A: I know, right?
by Thatguywith2020vision June 26, 2011
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When you've used the Internet so long, you're beginning to appear to be stoned. Similar to internet coma, except not nearly as serious and you don't need permanent termination of Internet usage, just a quick nap and you'll be fine for the next slug. Notice symptoms:

-Inability to concentrate.
-Ruined memory.
-Insanity (oh wait we all have that).
Random d00d #1: Did you hear about Derek the other night? Man, was he Internet Stoned!
Random d00d #2: Wha happen?
Random d00d #1: Oh wait you're Derek #&*($&$*(#$&(FUCK

Jenny: Dude, you're totally Internet stoned.
Derek: Huhr?
Jenny: It's like an internet coma except you're only a quarter dead, not all dead.
Derek: Thash nice. Remind me to go to Jenny's house when I wake up. crashes
Jenny: *looks at watch* Great. That's the last blind date I'll ever have.
by Thatguywith2020vision June 23, 2011
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Something that can be lame, weird, bizarre, strange or funny that happens on the Internet. Similar to RL caffeine, yet somehow not as tasty.
A: Did you hear about J?
J: She busted a nut while freewheeling to polka.
A: OMG how did you know?!
J: I'm J.
A: x_x
J: Well, that's internet caffeine.
by Thatguywith2020vision June 28, 2011
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