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Learn basic algebra and reduce it :)
Person 1: Hey, I need help with a math problem.
Person 2: Sure, what's the question?
Person 1: Reduce 2i<6u
Person 2: :)
by that-one-chick March 02, 2010
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One of the most amazing organizations ever. How is giving out things to raise awareness bad? Street Team members get all kinds of stickers, pamphlets, and even clothes. FOR FREE. They encourage activism whenever possible. They are much less extreme than PETA and are directed more towards teenagers and college-age people. They are amazing. They make me proud to be a "hippie"
Yay! PETA2 sent me more stickers and pamphlets!

PETA2 is so much less extreme than PETA
by That-one-chick April 14, 2009
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